Hero Karizma XMR: A Powerful and Stylish Ride
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Hero Karizma XMR: A Powerful and Stylish Ride

Hero Karizma XMR Review, Features and Price: A Powerful and Stylish Ride

Hero Karizma XMR Review, Features and Price


A highly anticipated motorbike that combines power and flair is the Hero Karizma XMR. This bike is likely to attract attention on the road because to its gorgeous look and brand-new 210cc engine. The Karizma XMR’s performance, handling, and overall riding experience will all be thoroughly examined in this article.

Key Features of Karizma XMR

S.No. Feature Name Details
1 Engine 210 cc
2 Power 25.5 PS
3 Torque 20.4 Nm
4 Kerb Weight 163.5 Kg
5 Brakes Double Disc
6 Tyre Type Tubeless

A Potent Engine

One of the standout features of the Hero Karizma XMR is its new 210cc motor. Unlike other 200cc options available in the market, Karisma XMR’s engine comes with a dual overhead camshaft and liquid-cooling, making it a force to be reckoned with. With an output of 25.2 bhp and 20.4 Nm, it’s engine offers a potent low-end grunt and a strong mid-range.

The top-end performance of the Karizma XMR is equally impressive, with the bike easily reaching a top speed of close to 130kmph. The motor’s punchiness and torque spread throughout the rev band ensure that downshifting is not necessary while overtaking. Additionally, the XMR is equipped with an assist and slipper clutch, providing a smooth and seamless shifting experience.

Vibrations and Comfort

The Karizma XMR’s new 210cc engine provides an exhilarating ride, although it is not completely vibration-free. The handlebar, tank, and pegs can start buzzing at about 5000 rpm, and soon the seat will start to vibrate as well. These vibrations weren’t a deal-breaker, though, throughout our overall Karizma XMR riding experience.

The ergonomics and well-cushioned seat of the Karizma XMR make it comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. A relaxing riding stance is made possible by the higher clip-ons and somewhat rearward-set footpegs. Riders who are nearly six feet tall, however, could find the cramped conditions on the seat to be unsettling.

Agile Handling

The handling of the Hero Karizma XMR is one of its best features. This bike weighs only 163kg, which makes it seem less and maneuverable on the road. It handles well, making it the best riding companion for negotiating metropolitan traffic. On shaky roads, the ride may seem unpleasant due to its tendency to be firmer.

Additional Information

The Karizma XMR’s 810mm seat height makes it simple for most riders to use. The Karizma XMR is distinguished from its rivals in the market by its new and distinctive styling. The bike’s sleek and aerodynamic design not only improves its visual appeal but also its performance on the road.• Hero, a well-known brand in the motorcycle market, is known for making high-quality bikes that offer an exceptional riding experience. The Karizma XMR is outfitted with cutting-edge safety features like disc brakes and ABS, offering a secure and controlled ride.


The Ex Showroom price of all new Karizma XMR is INR 1,72,900


A strong and fashionable motorbike that provides a fantastic riding experience is the Hero Karizma XMR. The new 210cc engine of bike offers exceptional top-notch performance, quick handling, and power for riders who want both power and style. The Karizma XMR may have some vibrations and a little stiff ride, but these drawbacks do not take away from how much fun riding it is. The Hero Karizma XMR is therefore a bike that is absolutely worth taking into consideration if you’re searching for one that combines performance, comfort, and style.

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