15 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tools

15 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tools

15 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tools

Since the digital marketing field is always changing, you are not alone if you feel pressured to accomplish more with less.  Automating tasks, improving skills, collaborating more effectively, and refining current strategies require tools more than ever. When it comes to digital marketing tools, you have hundreds of options to choose from, each catering to specific channels or types of tasks.  Here are the 15 most powerful digital marketing tools on the market today (in no particular order) that are essential for many.


If you can’t create a pattern from scratch, don’t worry. With Canva’s design library, you can select and edit templates without special design skills, resulting in stunning, pixel-perfect designs. In addition, Canva offers graphic animations, infographics and video options. Although Canva offers a free plan, it’s worth upgrading to a paid plan  for more features.


HubSpot offers marketing support tools, and HubSpot CRM is particularly popular for its robust features. HubSpot CRM offers email tracking and notifications, lead tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat. Additionally, HubSpot stands out from the competitors because to its user-friendly platform.  The best part about HubSpot CRM is its price—it’s free. Unfortunately, the downside of the free plan is that it only allows access for two users. However, paid plans have unlimited users and you can add up to ten thousand contacts.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO measures website clicks, user page scrolls, time spent on the website and exit intentions. The power of VWO lies in its ability to test different angles to improve the conversion rate of your website. VWO makes it easy to test button colors, headers, homepage layouts and many other elements. You don’t need to be technically inclined to test – even a non-technical person can easily set up tests like a developer.


Semrush offers 50 tools to help you compete with your competitors. Semrush is widely regarded as an SEO tool, but its sales may be slightly lower because the software offers many other digital marketing features. For example, Semrush offers social media analytics, SEO, PPC intelligence and PR tracking. If you’re looking for  tools to combat the onslaught of competitors trying to unseat you, Semrush offers a solid line of defence.


Pigeons, smoke signals and letters were once symbols of communication. Millions now use Slack as their primary communication tool. Slack is the next evolution of communication. Messages are instant and you can share different file formats through the platform. In addition, Slack integrates video conference calls and allows you to create channels for group chats for selected groups of contacts to improve productivity. It also seamlessly integrates with a number of other tools and productivity programs.


Asana provides visibility and accountability to team members, project managers, and managers. You can subtask tasks and assign them to team members. Additionally, you can use task tags to set milestones and see the progress of projects across your organization. Thanks to API integration, Asana is also enhanced by third-party applications, including CRM systems and many other third-party applications.


OptinMonster offers a highly customizable light box popup that seamlessly integrates with your platform and offers features like email capture,  timers, built-in forms, content locks, and targeted campaigns based on Google Analytics data.


ConvertKit offers advanced multi-step email sequences that improve your email open rates. This function is called “sequences”. In addition, the platform’s audience segmentation, known as “tags”, provides more advanced automation settings for your email sequences. ConvertKit takes minutes instead of hours. In addition, all links in your email series are tracked and reported in a user-friendly dashboard tailored to your needs. ConvertKit also gives you the ability to create attractive email forms, allowing you to easily copy and paste  code into the content that can  seamlessly integrate with your  CRM platform of choice. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly email marketing software that offers advanced automation and segmentation and lots of API integrations, give ConvertKit a try.


Unbounce offers a cost-effective, no-code way to create responsive landing pages optimized for mobile and desktop traffic. The drag-and-drop editor provides everything you need to create the experience you want for your target audience. If you want to add more functionality, you can embed custom HTML and JavaScript. Unbounce offers more than 120 integrations with third-party apps, as well as its Smart Traffic AI technology, which can dynamically move your traffic to the most visible version of your landing page, which can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates.


BuzzSumo is a social media tool that has taken the marketing world by storm since it was founded by James Blackwell and Henley Wing. If you need a tool to get to the heart of social media analytics, look no further. BuzzSumo offers features to identify social media influencers, create profiles of trending editors and track the most shared content, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you the ability to automatically publish your social media stories to multiple social media outlets at once. Its standout feature is the analytics dashboard that tracks the performance of each social channel after your post is automatically published. It provides information about visitor profiles, engagement and more. If you have multiple social media channels, integrating Sprout Social into your tech stack is easy.


With Deepcrawl, you can collect impressive metrics efficiently and quickly. Unlike other technical SEO boosters, the platform is easy to navigate with a friendly interface. Deep Crawl provides effortless automatic SEO indexing and auditing of your code. In addition, the platform offers a strategic partner section that unlocks all the powerful features of the platform.


Demio is a powerful tool for organizing live events and product launches. In addition, Demio offers evergreen webinars that can increase your engagement.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers eight tools under one umbrella. Simply put, this platform is the closest digital marketing competitor to the Swiss Army Knife. It offers a monthly fixed price that includes:

  • Thermal mapping
  • Video recording sessions.
  • Live chat boxes.
  • Analysis of revenue channels.
  • Visitor profiles.
  • Pop-ups.
  • User surveys.
  • Panel analysis.


In the 21st century, you’re well aware of the power of video, but personalization is more important than ever. Animal achieves personalization through video. By recording videos or live sessions, presenting your face in a small round box, you can provide interesting and authentic content. Loom excels at providing student training, software reviews, and demonstrations.

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